Saturday, August 20, 2005

Drivers License

Last few days has been rather busy, with collecting new comp from tuesday, long school days both tuesday and thursday. And yesterday it was finally time for my final driving test. Couldn't really eat anything for breakfast, because of nerves or just general non hungryness in the morning I don't know. I had a driving lesson just before the test at 12:30. So I missed the last lesson (spanish) at school.

Short before leaving school I check the note I got with time of test to be totally sure to get there at right time, and I see "PASSPORT" written on it, I had to bring it, fuck I had forgot it. :<>

The lesson before the test goes by, I get my passport so they can get it, and the test is about to begin. We drove for like 25 minues, all the time in the city. Only made some minor mistakes, and at the end of the test he says something like "that went rather fine" so I passed. \o/

Then I drive on moped home ;).

Talking of which, it really helped having it at the machanic, it now drives good.

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tijsjoris said...

Ah, forgot about you doing that. I even got points for that in the QQ, oh well ;-)

Btw, I think it's you whose meant to drive the moped good. The condition of it can make a difference though :P