Monday, August 22, 2005


Friday afternoon after passing driving test I didn't drive any around, as you could expect someone to do when they just have gotten the license, this was partly because we had visitors a great time of the afternoon, but also because I was kinda tired after all the things going on and such.

However in the evening this would change. I was going to one of my friends house to play poker. So I drove there, first picking up two guys who lives around 3-4 kms the opposite direction, with whom I usually drive with when we are going places. After picking up one of them we drove randomly around for some 10 minutes waiting for the other one to come home from work. Then we could drive those around 20 kms to the place we were going.

After playing first Texas Hold'em tournament - in which I got the 3rd place winning 4,7 € (but we paid 3,35 € to paticipate so really I only won 1,35 €) - me and three others took a drive, with me driving, we just drove randomly around the city. Back again we watched the others play some 5 card stud and shortly after we took a drive again with Morten driving, he also got his driver license that same day. That became a longer drive, including driving into the biggest city of the island. While Morten was buying some candy at a tank station Rune drove the car into a manual washing house, to make Morten think it was stolen. Hehe =0)

Back again I paticipated for a short while in 5 card stud winning 0,4 €. After that it was a little past 12 and we drove home, so we thought atleast. After driving maybe 2 kms we caughts one of the others cars, then short after realising it is standing still. Two other cars standing still there too, one of them is one of my friends. I'm like "wtf?". After getting out the car we can see that a pony is runnig around free. So they are trying to get it back into the fence. That eventually took some time, but succed. Then it was home.

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