Friday, August 26, 2005


Been driving to school all days this week except Tuesday. Yesterday I had four people with me, two who was going into the city and two who lives a few kms next to me. After first guy got out of car I forgot he has his bag in the boot, so just started driving again, luckily for him some of the others in the car saw him waving so I stopped again. :P

One of my class mates also drove some people into city, so he followed us most of the way. Later he was ahead and I tried to drive by but didn't succed. :/

Today driving home I parked on parkinglot and filled fuel on for first time. At first I drove on wrong side of fuel station. :/

School is starting to speed up with some bigger asignments and such.

Wednesday I was in cinema with two friends, watching Batman Begins. Such nice it was. <3

Monday, August 22, 2005


Friday afternoon after passing driving test I didn't drive any around, as you could expect someone to do when they just have gotten the license, this was partly because we had visitors a great time of the afternoon, but also because I was kinda tired after all the things going on and such.

However in the evening this would change. I was going to one of my friends house to play poker. So I drove there, first picking up two guys who lives around 3-4 kms the opposite direction, with whom I usually drive with when we are going places. After picking up one of them we drove randomly around for some 10 minutes waiting for the other one to come home from work. Then we could drive those around 20 kms to the place we were going.

After playing first Texas Hold'em tournament - in which I got the 3rd place winning 4,7 € (but we paid 3,35 € to paticipate so really I only won 1,35 €) - me and three others took a drive, with me driving, we just drove randomly around the city. Back again we watched the others play some 5 card stud and shortly after we took a drive again with Morten driving, he also got his driver license that same day. That became a longer drive, including driving into the biggest city of the island. While Morten was buying some candy at a tank station Rune drove the car into a manual washing house, to make Morten think it was stolen. Hehe =0)

Back again I paticipated for a short while in 5 card stud winning 0,4 €. After that it was a little past 12 and we drove home, so we thought atleast. After driving maybe 2 kms we caughts one of the others cars, then short after realising it is standing still. Two other cars standing still there too, one of them is one of my friends. I'm like "wtf?". After getting out the car we can see that a pony is runnig around free. So they are trying to get it back into the fence. That eventually took some time, but succed. Then it was home.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Drivers License

Last few days has been rather busy, with collecting new comp from tuesday, long school days both tuesday and thursday. And yesterday it was finally time for my final driving test. Couldn't really eat anything for breakfast, because of nerves or just general non hungryness in the morning I don't know. I had a driving lesson just before the test at 12:30. So I missed the last lesson (spanish) at school.

Short before leaving school I check the note I got with time of test to be totally sure to get there at right time, and I see "PASSPORT" written on it, I had to bring it, fuck I had forgot it. :<>

The lesson before the test goes by, I get my passport so they can get it, and the test is about to begin. We drove for like 25 minues, all the time in the city. Only made some minor mistakes, and at the end of the test he says something like "that went rather fine" so I passed. \o/

Then I drive on moped home ;).

Talking of which, it really helped having it at the machanic, it now drives good.

x800 with light

Tuesday I got the last parts for my new comp. So when I got home from school I started putting it together, didn't finish before wednesday.

Started by attaching ram and cpu to motherbaord, went fine.

After advise from jonkka motherboard was the first thing I screwed to the motherboard, now I could see that I had forgot the cpu thermal, so had to take cpu fan away again to put in under it.

I used the harddrives from my old comp, so had to take those out from it, quite dusty, still don't know what to do with the old.

Adding graphic cards, harddrives and such went quite fine too. However I had placed the two harddrives so far from each other than the cable wasn't long enough. Later I saw this little connector on the graphic card, as there stood something about a power connector in the manual I thought it was such, and there was no cable that fit into it, but after reading some on asus webpage I found out it was some older thing which isn't used anymore.

Everything is in place, attaching things like usb connecters what quite frustrating, one fucking connecter for each of the four cables, for both usbs on front. Finally time to turn it on. It works \o/ Notice the blue light from the graphic card, quite a surprise. :D
It wouldn't boot from the windows CD, but that was soon fixed by changing in the bios, and windows installation was started. Only thing not working was the power led on front, that was fixed later by turning the connector opposite.

Uhh what a sexy little thing :p~~

Have been trying Battlefield 2, NFSU2 and Lego Star Wars on it so far. And everything runs perfect in with high graphic settings. :D Had read that Lego Star Wars should be good, but is still surprised, it is really nice.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

World Cup over

Last day of summerholiday, which also means that world cup is over, got a "dramatic" ending:

[10:59:09] (eat_me) helou
[10:59:46] (Kopaka) FAK MUST SEND: OOO
[10:59:52] (Kopaka) argh
[11:01:24] (Kopaka) fuck too late :/
[11:01:42] (MadMan^) ye 1 min :P
[11:01:47] (eat_me) go mail
[11:01:51] (Kopaka) ye
[11:03:02] (Kopaka) 14 events without sending too late, and I have to do it in the last one :/

I got 28 apples, I could probably have gotten a few more if I had played more, kinda regret now that I didn't. It's strange now to not always have a world cup level to play. Been thinking, and thing about stopping elma more or less again after world cup, will probably not happen, but playing amount will decrease a lot for sure. I just read in #wc5 that tijsjoris will start mopoking contest up again, maybe next goal could be to be no. 1 in that, seems duable. :D

I finished painting my moped few days ago, final touch was attaching an "8" sticker on both sides. Look is now pretty close to the elma bike. :P I will take some pictures of it later.

Sad it is, that summerholiday is over. However it does not really affect me much somewhy.

Today I could read on the page where I ordered my last computer parts that they will not get the motherboard before next monday, which means I will get it next tuesday. That sucks, but will give me some time to see some movies. :D

Monday, August 08, 2005

..woops forgot headline

Saturday two of my friends held their 18th birthday together. They held it at this discotheque.. *Incoming mail* just a birthday reminder, ok back to story.. they held it at this discotheque where you can have a private party for free (instead they earn money from people buying in the bar), untill 23:00, at that time everyone can come in. Was a nice party, first half hour they had free beers, only got two because we got there a little late. At the party not many I didn't knew. Was dancing a little two times ;). Sometime around 1:00 I went pieing, and all my friends was gone, I decided to go to this other discotheque to see if they were there, half way meet one of them, and walked to a third discotheque where we found them :). Got home a little past 2. Then at home I checked irc before going to bed, jonkka had been at party too, just been a litte more lucky than me..

[02:11:11] (Kopaka[LaMe]) hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
[02:11:18] (ZeroxCOS) Kopaka[LaMe]!!!!!!1!111
[02:11:20] (Kopaka[LaMe]) :D
[02:11:21] (Jonkka) ;D;D'
[02:11:22] (Jonkka) dk
[02:11:22] (Jonkka) gawrkjgh
[02:11:22] (Jonkka) ojrehj
[02:11:22] (Jonkka) åea
[02:11:26] (ZeroxCOS) did you get girls?
[02:11:35] (ZeroxCOS) guess how mant Jonkka get!!!!!!!!!!!! ;OOOOOOOOOOOOO
[02:11:54] (Kopaka[LaMe]) hehe
[02:11:56] (Kopaka[LaMe]) 2 ?
[02:12:01] (Kopaka[LaMe]) I nat got girls :/
[02:12:08] (Jonkka) 3 8-D
[02:12:11] (Kopaka[LaMe]) niice :D
[02:23:56] (Jonkka) im afriad hangover of teh summer tomarow ,D
[02:24:00] (Kopaka[LaMe]) haha
[02:24:04] (Jonkka) but ez worth teh
[02:24:23] (Jonkka) made out with three girls 8-D

Yesterday evening I saw Bridget Jones 2 with my brother and sister, pretty fun movie :).

This morning I had driving lesson at 9:00, had to cycle there :/ Lesson went better than last time, eventually I might even pass final test :D, which is in only 11 days. I hadn't gotten any breakfast before going there, so cycling home became quite painfully for my stomach, had become quite hungry. But I'm just never hungry when I've just woken up, atleast haven't been during holiday, on normal school days I can usually eat just when woken up, strange.

So painfull to have a Radeon x800 card lying around when you can use it. Motherboard, ram, dvd and psu haven't arrived yet. For the first time in my life I'm looking forward to the day where I start in school, because it will probably arrive that day :).

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Post Danmark Rundt

Post Danmark Rundt is the biggest danish cycling race, it has 6 stages on 5 days. First stage went on and around Mors, the island I live on. So we went to see it, me, my brother, sister and mother, my dad was at work. At around noon we took just on the other side of the water to see them on an uphill. Waited in the car for some time, and then first 3 attackers came, between them Jens Voight, could easily regonize him. 7 minutes later the peloton came, went rather fast even on uphill, no easy to see anything, but did see Bjarne Riis in the CSC car.

Then we went home for lunch, and afterwards we took to Skive (my brother had to work now, so he didn't went with us there) where they ended, in the city they drove a circuit around 4 times, so we could see them 4 times. We stood 15-20 meters after the finish line. Not easy to see anything because of people, umbrellas and the like. Ivan basse attacked with 2 rounds left (the voight group had been caught), so we could see him. He won the stage. Afterwards when they got their jerseys on we couldn't see much either, I think it was only me who could see it, as I'm taller than my little sister and mother. When we walked back to our car we saw Bjarne Riis again in the CSC bus, for a very short time he looked right at me, or atleast could had, I bet he could see the talent in me...


That's a lot of money.. I wonder how I ever managed to have that much on my account, had even 1197.23€ short time ago. Well it came to an end, I bought some shit, well some really nice shit it was. Now I'm just waiting for it to arrive, hopefully it will before the weekend.

This is what I bought:
Motherboard, Asus A8N-E, nForce4 Ultra, S939
NEC ND-3540, DVD±RW, Black
PSU, NorthQ NQ4001AT, 400 ATX PSU, 17db
Ram, 2x Kingston DDR400, 512 MB, CAS 3
ASUS Extreme AX800/2DTV Radeon x800
AMD Athlon 64 3200+ / 2 GHz - Socket 939 - L2 512 KB - Box
Alps DF354H (diskdrive)
Case, NE-2000B ATX miditower Neon Light Black

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Next generation sweeping boi

So yesterday my father calls my on my cellphone from work (he works same place I used to work). He asks me if I can come their tomorrow (today) and teach a new boy how to do the work I used to do, and I'm like "sure.. :/". My father doesn't have anything to do with it, kinda irritating they can't ask me directly, instead of going throw my dad. But anyway I cycled there today tought him how to do it, not that it's that hard to figure out, but well. Was kinda funny telling someone how to do. Now only looking forward to see if I get over 18 pay for it :). Later today my dad got them to write a reference (note you can send to a new place, where you are trying to get work).

Been looking more on computer lately and are now ready to order, probably will do that tonight, uhh and I found a danish site which had the cool case I wanted. NICE! :D And they got the ultimate computer store name "Computerbutik" (butik means store).