Friday, July 08, 2005

Work at Thuka is over

So today were my last day working at Thuka. Thuka is a furniture company that makes furnitures for children and youth. I worked there to two hours everyday sweeping and emptying litter boxes. Not untill today I got to talk to the guy I should talk about me stopping working there. I stop working there as I get 18. So weren't totally sure if they expected me to stop untill today. Gonna be strange not having to go there anymore. But nice. :P

Jonkka was nice enough to give me an ftp account at his server, :* which I'll use for hosting pictures and such.

A couple of weeks ago I took a few pictures at Thuka. Discriptions are in the filenames.

Yesterday I started painting some of the plastic on my moped, it had gotten some scrathes. I painted more today. But it seems that the spray paint can't cover it. :( And damn it's hot. :o

Edit of 11. July: Jonkkas server is down for two weeks, meanwhile check pictures here:


Anonymous said...

link nat work

Kopaka said...

I know, his server is down for two weeks. I've uploaded pics elsewhere meanwhile.