Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Sunday morning, I drove to Denmarks most northern city together with my family, for a minor vacation. I had been at party the night before and we drove already at 8:00 so I was a bit tired, and slept some in the car. It took around 3 hours to get there. First thing we did was walking around a little in the city, and buy some essential stuff. Then we drove to the beach to eat the food which we had brougt from home.

After eating we found the place where we were going to sleep, it was in a private home. In the late afternoon we drove to an eagle park, where we saw eagles and falkons very closely. For dinner we eat at some fish buffet. Afterwards we walked around some in the duck and then headed back to sleeping place.

In the morning I showered and we had rundstykker. After packing out stuff we took the an art museum, which had some famous paintings, but who cares? Afterwards we walked around in the city some. I bought shorts, and candles and napkins for my 18th birthday. We had lunch at some china resturant. After eating we took to the beach, looked at the water and such. Afterwards we saw this sand upped church. Only a tower above ground, had expected some more, not that fun, last thing we saw were this sand dune, which moves 25 meters each year. Then we headed home. Were home pretty at around 22.

Finally I could see my wcup results for event 8, 16 points, and play the new level. The level turned out to be a nice one, as I played it more today. I played a lot today, as it was the only day I had to play it. Got 29.76 minutes before I had dinner. Played untill very last minute, but didn't got better. Nice work 8ball :*

New level seems pretty weird, but hopefully will get better with time.

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