Friday, July 29, 2005

Panic, panic

Only short time left of holiday panic already been going on for a few days. I wish I could not think about it, would make me enjoy holiday much more.

So what's been going on...

As told from 16. to 23. july I was in summerhouse with 9 friends. Will write about that in later post.

My mom recorded some of the tour de france for me while I was gone, been watching that the last days. Quite exiting stages some of them. Nice that mancebo drove good time trial and ended on 4th place, maybe next year podium? I hope.

Wednesday evening I used maybe two hours searching for places to buy this nice computer case I've found I would really like. I found it on alot of german pages, but because of some strict laws in germany most web shops only support bank transfer, eventually found one which supported VISA, but I had to fax them a copy of my visa in order to use it.. :( My only hope to get the case is some swizz site, have emailed them because they have four versions of the case, and no pictures or discriptions so I can't really see the difference.

Uhh.. I had my 18th birthday party for my family the friday before I left. Nice evening it was. Got some presents too:

Two DVD's (The day after tomorrow, hellboy)
a CD (Simple Plan - Still not getting any (especially like the title of that cd))
Digital camera tripod
Two poker books (the same)
A polo t-shirt
A cuba caramel
A pillow for my bed when not sleeping
Some stuff for when I move from home
And some money

Next morning I got present from my parents and brother and sister. Got a MP3 player, a creative MUVO TX 1gb, and a 1 gb compact flash card (for digi cam)

Pictures of the presnts:

For some of the money I got I ordered the first four Alias novels.

Wednesday me, my parents and my sister were at Vildsund market. With small stalls selling random useless stuff you know, also alot of animals for sale there. I bought four old jumbobooks, balls for my paint ball gun and a poker set.

After being on vacation from 16th to 23rd I only had one day to play that weeks wcup event, managed to get an ok time though, got like 8 points. Next level however which I had time to play didn't went that well, played with wrong style, went left first :/ Didn't got any points.

The last event is pipe, don't really like it, but still playing it a little. Don't expect to get any points, just wanna have played all events.

Painting moped is proceding, been trying to get it plan with some polyfila kinda thing. Not gonna get max nice, but seems to be ok.


Abula said...

Quite a lot of presents you got for birthday.

Anonymous said...

spoiled brat


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