Thursday, July 14, 2005

I'm master, hah ;D

Yesterday I had my final teoritically driving test. First we had a normal lesson and a tryout test, then he drove us to the place for the test. I had no mistakes in the first tryout test. The final test I didn't except to go aswell, had big doubt in some of the questions and made a lot of changes meanwhile. However I had no mistakes. \o/ I was only one of the six people who had test at that time with no mistakes, you can have five.

Afterwards we had driving training on slippery roads. It was rather funny, also because we sat alone in car. Afterwards I drove home on bike, and had frozen pizza for lunch, were home alone.

Today I went shopping for next weeks vacation, not much though, some food, cacao and a bottle of bols blue liqueur. Alcohol supplies should be good now.

Tonight I'm gonna start packing some. Tomorrow I have my 18th birthday party, not turning 18 untill monday.

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