Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Danish pie

This saturday I'm going to a summer house with 9 friends (8 guys and a girl). So preparations has started slowly, well pretty much the only thing I've done yet is checking advertising brochures for cheap stuff that I need for the trip. Oh and I have been watching American Pie 1 and 2 (gonna watch 3 today or tomorrow), to get some ideas ;-). If you haven't seen in the 2 they go to a house at the lake for some weeks during summer.

Some days ago I started seriously on the make over of my moped. I started painting some plastic but the spray paint couldn't cover the places where the old painting had cracked, so my dad is buying some other paint that should be able to. Been cleaning some other plastic parts with fuel so you can see that they are actually yellow, that was more of a succes, except a few places where there is some old black painting, and one of them which has some serious scratches. Might wanna replace that part, but it's just awfull expensive, this must do for now. Beside this some of the frame need some paint too where there is rust.

I'm now on 45 place overall in WCup, hopefully I can keep getting on better places througout the cup. Event 12 is frustating level, but well, isn't almost all elma levels that? But I can only hope that I have more patience than some newer kuskis ;-).

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