Friday, July 29, 2005

Panic, panic

Only short time left of holiday panic already been going on for a few days. I wish I could not think about it, would make me enjoy holiday much more.

So what's been going on...

As told from 16. to 23. july I was in summerhouse with 9 friends. Will write about that in later post.

My mom recorded some of the tour de france for me while I was gone, been watching that the last days. Quite exiting stages some of them. Nice that mancebo drove good time trial and ended on 4th place, maybe next year podium? I hope.

Wednesday evening I used maybe two hours searching for places to buy this nice computer case I've found I would really like. I found it on alot of german pages, but because of some strict laws in germany most web shops only support bank transfer, eventually found one which supported VISA, but I had to fax them a copy of my visa in order to use it.. :( My only hope to get the case is some swizz site, have emailed them because they have four versions of the case, and no pictures or discriptions so I can't really see the difference.

Uhh.. I had my 18th birthday party for my family the friday before I left. Nice evening it was. Got some presents too:

Two DVD's (The day after tomorrow, hellboy)
a CD (Simple Plan - Still not getting any (especially like the title of that cd))
Digital camera tripod
Two poker books (the same)
A polo t-shirt
A cuba caramel
A pillow for my bed when not sleeping
Some stuff for when I move from home
And some money

Next morning I got present from my parents and brother and sister. Got a MP3 player, a creative MUVO TX 1gb, and a 1 gb compact flash card (for digi cam)

Pictures of the presnts:

For some of the money I got I ordered the first four Alias novels.

Wednesday me, my parents and my sister were at Vildsund market. With small stalls selling random useless stuff you know, also alot of animals for sale there. I bought four old jumbobooks, balls for my paint ball gun and a poker set.

After being on vacation from 16th to 23rd I only had one day to play that weeks wcup event, managed to get an ok time though, got like 8 points. Next level however which I had time to play didn't went that well, played with wrong style, went left first :/ Didn't got any points.

The last event is pipe, don't really like it, but still playing it a little. Don't expect to get any points, just wanna have played all events.

Painting moped is proceding, been trying to get it plan with some polyfila kinda thing. Not gonna get max nice, but seems to be ok.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

I'm master, hah ;D

Yesterday I had my final teoritically driving test. First we had a normal lesson and a tryout test, then he drove us to the place for the test. I had no mistakes in the first tryout test. The final test I didn't except to go aswell, had big doubt in some of the questions and made a lot of changes meanwhile. However I had no mistakes. \o/ I was only one of the six people who had test at that time with no mistakes, you can have five.

Afterwards we had driving training on slippery roads. It was rather funny, also because we sat alone in car. Afterwards I drove home on bike, and had frozen pizza for lunch, were home alone.

Today I went shopping for next weeks vacation, not much though, some food, cacao and a bottle of bols blue liqueur. Alcohol supplies should be good now.

Tonight I'm gonna start packing some. Tomorrow I have my 18th birthday party, not turning 18 untill monday.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Danish pie

This saturday I'm going to a summer house with 9 friends (8 guys and a girl). So preparations has started slowly, well pretty much the only thing I've done yet is checking advertising brochures for cheap stuff that I need for the trip. Oh and I have been watching American Pie 1 and 2 (gonna watch 3 today or tomorrow), to get some ideas ;-). If you haven't seen in the 2 they go to a house at the lake for some weeks during summer.

Some days ago I started seriously on the make over of my moped. I started painting some plastic but the spray paint couldn't cover the places where the old painting had cracked, so my dad is buying some other paint that should be able to. Been cleaning some other plastic parts with fuel so you can see that they are actually yellow, that was more of a succes, except a few places where there is some old black painting, and one of them which has some serious scratches. Might wanna replace that part, but it's just awfull expensive, this must do for now. Beside this some of the frame need some paint too where there is rust.

I'm now on 45 place overall in WCup, hopefully I can keep getting on better places througout the cup. Event 12 is frustating level, but well, isn't almost all elma levels that? But I can only hope that I have more patience than some newer kuskis ;-).

Friday, July 08, 2005

Work at Thuka is over

So today were my last day working at Thuka. Thuka is a furniture company that makes furnitures for children and youth. I worked there to two hours everyday sweeping and emptying litter boxes. Not untill today I got to talk to the guy I should talk about me stopping working there. I stop working there as I get 18. So weren't totally sure if they expected me to stop untill today. Gonna be strange not having to go there anymore. But nice. :P

Jonkka was nice enough to give me an ftp account at his server, :* which I'll use for hosting pictures and such.

A couple of weeks ago I took a few pictures at Thuka. Discriptions are in the filenames.

Yesterday I started painting some of the plastic on my moped, it had gotten some scrathes. I painted more today. But it seems that the spray paint can't cover it. :( And damn it's hot. :o

Edit of 11. July: Jonkkas server is down for two weeks, meanwhile check pictures here:

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Tour De France

Saw the team time trial in Tour De France today. I really like to watch cycling and have followed Tour De France since 1995. Today was a cliff-hanger. As I'm dane I like CSC, they lost with only 2 seconds. :(

In the beginning when watching Tour De France my favourite were Indurain, and afterwards have been liking his team Banesto (which now is called Illes Balears). Hence for the last few years Mancebo has been my favourite. Over the years he has gotten better and better placements and I really hope for him to win the tour some time.

Too Bad I'll be gone the last week of the tour. Why do I always have to be on vacation during the tour? It sucks.


Sunday morning, I drove to Denmarks most northern city together with my family, for a minor vacation. I had been at party the night before and we drove already at 8:00 so I was a bit tired, and slept some in the car. It took around 3 hours to get there. First thing we did was walking around a little in the city, and buy some essential stuff. Then we drove to the beach to eat the food which we had brougt from home.

After eating we found the place where we were going to sleep, it was in a private home. In the late afternoon we drove to an eagle park, where we saw eagles and falkons very closely. For dinner we eat at some fish buffet. Afterwards we walked around some in the duck and then headed back to sleeping place.

In the morning I showered and we had rundstykker. After packing out stuff we took the an art museum, which had some famous paintings, but who cares? Afterwards we walked around in the city some. I bought shorts, and candles and napkins for my 18th birthday. We had lunch at some china resturant. After eating we took to the beach, looked at the water and such. Afterwards we saw this sand upped church. Only a tower above ground, had expected some more, not that fun, last thing we saw were this sand dune, which moves 25 meters each year. Then we headed home. Were home pretty at around 22.

Finally I could see my wcup results for event 8, 16 points, and play the new level. The level turned out to be a nice one, as I played it more today. I played a lot today, as it was the only day I had to play it. Got 29.76 minutes before I had dinner. Played untill very last minute, but didn't got better. Nice work 8ball :*

New level seems pretty weird, but hopefully will get better with time.