Thursday, June 09, 2005

Somewhat confusing

This week have been somewhat confusing. Monday morning my moped wouldn't start. In the evening me and my dad cleaned the inside of the carburetter with a compressor which we bought on the way home from work. Also I cleaned a few other parts on the outside. After this it could start again, and now drove better than before also. So I drove to school tuesday, but as I was going home it wouldn't start again. :X After talking with my dad I walked to the repair man and arranged for them to see it on thursday. Then I went to work by bus and afterwards me and my dad collected my moped with trailer. Afterwards we got it running ourselves and it ran fine. So wednesday I had to call repairman and cancel. But I still had to drive past them today to collect a speedometer wire and an indicator. Also I bought some white spray paint somewhere else to paint some plastic on it. Lately I bought a magasine which had a poster with (surprise surprise) Star Wars. Not the main reason I bought it though, it also had a comedie on DVD, nice :P The magasine is called MIX, this is my new none cartoon/comp magasine now. Just don't remember to buy it very often. :/

Today in school I only did something for 5 minutes, which were fixing some errors on the website. After that I did nothing the whole day. I played a lot of wcup, looked at some computer parts and talked with friends. We are done with the project, only thing we have to do tomorrow is printing the paper and burning the website to CD. And then there is only the presentation left on friday 19th and then holiday. :D

Wcup level is going rather nice. No finishes yet though. Some parts are rather painfull. The fast ending seems to be pretty hard, but I might be able to do it. <3>

After buying the stuff I had driving lesson, work and then teoretically driving lesson. So now is max relax time. Oh by the way I took pictures from my work today, gonna show later.

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