Wednesday, June 15, 2005

So I paid for elma

A couple of days ago I suddenly decided to pay for elma, or not that suddenly, lately I've been wanting to do it now with wcup5 and such, and ofcourse been wanting to do it forever. So I did. The next day I got the email and downloaded it, I even installed from the download, just to have a "fresh" elma. :)

So yesterday I cycled on my racing bike for the first time this year. I drove to work on it. It's around 10 km, took around 25 mins, both ways. Was nice to cycle some, and I will for sure do it again, probably already tomorrow.

I had expected this week without wcup to be kinda elma free. But it has not been. Yesterday I played a danish battle or two. Today I took a single external record (wezz100.lev), and I played 1 hour tt. Which btw I won. \o/ :D

1) 01:29:46:02 balle (kopaka)
2) 01:41:49:08 toNy (infected)
3) 02:32:59:23 bongo (karesz)
4) 02:55:23:78 ReCy (sierra)
5) 03:28:02:42 isax (maala)
6) 04:56:35:61 mongo (khemp)

People just don't get that they should not try the hard styles, but maybe they played them so much they don't remember the worse styles, hehe :). Atleast I have worst real tt of those who played. :P

Today I've been doing not much, was at work though. Which eventually turned out to be the funniest day at work ever. Well, only last 40 minutes, first 110 minutes was kinda normal. Anyway my dad works there too (as IT designer), so I had to unpack 6 new pc's and put an extra RAM block into them. Might now sound that fun, but it was very fun compared to what I usually do. :D

At the way home from work I bought a 3 pack frosen pizza and two bags of chips for only 6€. The pizzas where extremely boring though, eat one for lunch. So had to put some extra ham and cheese on it myself.

Summer holiday is the best. Just watching movies and doing nothing. :P

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