Friday, June 03, 2005

School Project

During this and next week we have an exam project in school. It's about youth culture, in our group we have decided to focus on immigrates. We are supposed to make the assigment as a paper. Which I think has made it more fun. :) Also we could choose to make a web version of the paper or some other assigment. We easily choosed the webpage. :) I made most of it. I put it online (comments are welcome) not finished totally yet. We are atm. almost done with the paper, so plenty of time next week to prepare presentation and stuff.

Since sometime monday I moped started driving really slow on even just very small uphills. This has caused I came pretty late to school some days, and I was planning to talk with a repair man about in next week. However suddenly on the way home today it began to drive faster on uphills again, on the middle of a uphill I could hear the motor begin to run faster, and the problem was gone. Now I only hope for it to stay gone. :)

WCup event 6 level is like max sax arse balle level!!.. Impossible to make good run.

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