Sunday, June 05, 2005

Bowling.. I'm master

Thursday evening and Friday in school me and some of my friends decided to go bowling Friday night. Later also choosed to go swimming first.

So at around 17:45 hanson picked me up and we drove to Jesperhus (big camping place, which has bowling, swimming bath, pizza place, big flower park ect.). Except when I was in the summerhouse with swimming pool some time ago, it is very long time since I've been swimming. Nice to try again actually. We were also outside swimming, rather cold though. I haven't eaten dinner before we went there so I expected to get something to eat between swimming and bowling, but we didn't have time.

First game of bowling (10 rounds) didn't went very well, I got 95 points. But it went much better in next time where I got 137 points (personal record, beating the 12x points I got last schoolday.). We had paid for an hour, which is enough time for around two games (when beeing 4-5 players on each course.). But after the first hour we decided to pay for another hour. So 3. game didn't went that well either, I got 98 points, but was a shared first place on my course though. However in 4. game I got 133 points. My 133 and 137 points only got beaten once by one of the other when Michael got 165 :o. I've found a nice technic where I don't throw the ball very hard, but precisly. This causes that I don't get strike very often as there is needed quite much speed to get them all down. But I quite often get a spare, I got about 6 or 7 in the one game.

Afterwards we stood outside for some time talking about what to do now, but we couldn't agree on anything. After some time we all drove home, except me and two others (those two I drove to there with) who took into the city to get a pizza. It was around 23:00 and I was _REALLY_ hungry. Never eaten a pizza that fast, and also got a single slice from one of the others.

Then we drove home.

Today I attached my new posters to the wall. First I took one down, moved two, and moved one very little so there was space for another just between it.

I didn't hoyl the WCup event 6 level very much, and as expected didn't got any points, didn't like the level. However event 7 level seems very nice and I hope to win some places in standings this week.

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