Tuesday, May 31, 2005

World Cup event 5

Event 5 is a rather nice level I think. It has a rather good hoylability though I only finished it 4 times. Sunday I played it some and together with my teammate iob I found the style, not using pipe. I choosed from the beginning to to try the pipe, as I knew I would never be able to get through it enough times to finish the level that way. I didn't complete the level sunday the superhero way. Monday I didn't really had time to play. So today I had to do the final hoyling. I started playing at 17:00 only interopted by watching King of Queens and eating dinner. I didn't finished untill a little before 21:00 when I made 49.60. I wasn't really happy with that time so I played some more and got 47.94 at around 21:20. And then I could finally see the releasing words: "record successfully added." =)

Monday I had to go from school 1½ hour earlier as I had my first driving lesson. It was 3 hours of driving with 10-25 km/h. Driving, stopping, driving stopping, turning, backwards driving and such. A little boring, but also a little fun, haven't been alone in car when driving ever, and never driving for that long time either.

Afterwards work, and then teoretically driving lesson, and then home for dinner. I left my bag at work (with laptop) and my father would take it with him home (so I didn't had to take it with me for teoretically driving lesson), but he was in Århus setting some stuff up and didn't came home before around 21:00, hence I didn't had time to play wcup.

Oh btw. my Lindsay Lohan poster arrived. :D Looking forward to getting it and the Star Wars one up on my walls (if only I can find space.).


Anonymous said...

I guess that's an ok time. good luck with your driving lessons!


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