Tuesday, May 03, 2005

So it begins

Yesterday world cup 5 finally started. After playing quite some these two days I've gotten in max wcup mood. :D At first the level seemed quite stupid, but after figuering out style ( national coorperation is the best, as long as the fins not begin with it ;) ) it became a nice level. Should be able to get some under 1 min time.

After tomorrows school day we have a short holiday, thursday and friday are off. That means more time for Wcup hoyling, yay. Beside I might watch Star Wars 1 and 2, so I've seen them again before watching the 3rd in cinema. Also we are visiting my older brother in Ålborg.

I wonder is it happy I'm feeling? I think so, probably because it's vacation and such, also worries are at a minimum. heh ;) whatever

15 till school is over, with only 9 school days. :DD

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