Sunday, May 29, 2005


So I attended this one day festival Perlefesten. At 12:00 I meet with my friends at Dyhr's place. Were we grilled, drank and such. Then at around 15:00 we drove to the festival in two cars. Those in the other car didn't drove where they had told us to drive and meet them, hence we got splitted. Me and two other for some reason joined these other people which was someone I didn't knew. We were together with them, with a short exception for some time. Which was rather boring for me atleast, as I didn't really knew them. Luckily we came by the other guys (those in the other car) at around 18:00, so I joined them, and the rest of the day became more fun. :)

Best music were Julie and this band Dodo and the dodos.

Friday night I suddenly remembered I that wouldn't be able to play saturday, so I had to make best time there. I played from 23:00 and didn't finish the level untill 1:15. Which was my 2nd finish overall. Not as good time as I had expected, but hopefully enough for a few points.

I've been thinking that I might wanna wait till after summer and WCup 5 before getting new comp atleast.


Anonymous said...

dodo and the dodos? 8)


Kopaka said...

Danish band. :)

Anonymous said...

sounds very anti =))