Thursday, May 26, 2005

New PC or nat?

Inspired by dz's latest blog entry I went out a few hours ago to check if my racing bike is ready for the summer. After a short looking at it, I couldn't find any thing that didn't work probably on it, even though it haven't been used for quite some time, so that's just nice. So instead I played a little football with our dog.

Afterwards I eat and went to second teoretically driving lesson.

Last few days I've been thinking a little about if I maybe should get new computer or upgrade the old. My laptop and my old PC can't really run any newer games and such, and also I have some money which I don't know what to use for. Just a few minutes ago my dad thrugh a PC World magasin to me, which had main headline "Custom make your own PC". So i guess I'm gonna read that article and then check which part in the old comp that can still be used. I was looking a dell's website few days ago, to see if it's cheaper to buy a complete PC that way. But there are too many things there I can't not buy so not gonna do that atleast.

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