Friday, May 13, 2005

My CD Collection

Already some time ago I wrote all my CDs into an Excel document. Wanted to make it in Acces but then I wasn't sure how to easy get it out on the internet. There are some info missing in the table but most important info are there.

48 CDs.

Btw. I have often been thinking of why people tend to dislike my music taste when I rarely see them dislike other peoples taste. It might be because I like some of that popular music, that are played in radios and on MTV and so on, so people know much of the music and like, and can therefore dislike it, when other people tell they like some music that not many people know about, they can't dislike it when they don't know it.

I got the posters ordered yesterday but didn't order the Keira
Knightley and Natalie Portman ones because they were catagorized photos, so I had to paid more for getting them sent. And can always order them later if I feel like, will not cost more for delivery than if I had ordered them together with the posters I ordered yesterday.


Anonymous said...

hmz, when I was making a list of all my CD's there would be only one: timon & pumbaa songs. :)
the rest is mp3 format.


Kopaka said...

Then you are this: mongo

Support the artists ok? ;)