Thursday, May 19, 2005

Last school day

So yesterday was last school day. We meet at 9:00 ( I was 5 mins late as always ;) ), eat rundstykker and got out exams papers. I'm going for danish and english written exams, plus two weeks project. Next hour went by doing pretty much nothing, then we drove to the bowling place (we won bowling by being no. 2 in class tournament). First serie went not that well, I go 73 points, but the next went very well, the best I've ever done, I got 117 points, including 3 strikes where the two of them were in row. After bowling the school day was over, and I drove to work.

In the evening we had party at Rune's place. (Have written about party that place before) We meet there at 18:00 and orderen pizza's. I shared this pizza with sausages with someone else. Tasted not very well. Rest of the evening went by with some poker, random talk, some doing arm (should be written this way occording to dictionary, sound stupid) and the usually party stuff. Little tame, some had to do stuff in the morning, and this one guy got very sick. I as the last got collected by my dad at 23:40.

Last night I dreamt about an elma meeting. Taking place from today, and a few days forth. I drove there with one of my irl friends (who doesn't play elma, but did in dream I suppose) and enil. But after setting comps up we realise that the danish test is tomorrow, and have to drive home again. That's what I can remember now, I think there was a little more.

Today, first holiday day went quite quiet, have been bored most day. Got answer from PCGW (Computer magasin I get) about the missing one. Im gonna get it, but they have temporary stopped my subscription because I haven't paid. But I have, though I might have written wrong no. in Net Bank when paying. Can't figure out to check it for sure.

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Alietje said...

Hello Kopaka,

already finished school? I still have one month to go before my holiday starts :S
AAAARRGG you make me jealous :P

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