Tuesday, May 24, 2005


For some reason, maybe because my elma playing have been increasing last couple of weeks (due to wcup) I have come to think some of internals. And what I have been thinking about is that I will probably never play for TT again. When I read about internals on mopolauta I don't really care about what people write, and I don't even care to download if a nice replay is uploaded. But after all I have played them for almost three years now. However I might try to get danish record in curva or upside someday after wcup if I'm very bored. Well this also leads to another question, will I continue to play elma after wcup? Probably not, atleast only very little. However I have high expectations for some projects I'm planning. And then there is only one question left, why am I writing this when I could be playing wcup??

Anyway.. hehe.

Today I had written english year test (random test that doesn't really have any importance) which I finished after two of three hours. Afterwards it was work, and at my way home from work I stopped by Morsø Bank to buy a ticket for Perlefesten. Which is a one day festival on the island I live on, which takes place this saturday. The shop assistant in the bank looked kinda like Salma Hayek, pretty fun. At home beside the usually ircing and such I did some cutting paper. I cutted out the quotes I had printed from Star Wars 3, and attached them to the wall, beside the stills I had attached to the wall earlier. Also I started cutting out the big Star Wars letters. I will show picture when it is all done.

Holiday is NICE!

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