Thursday, May 12, 2005

The Crown of every DVD Collection

As I told before I saw ad for the Star Wars trilogy DVD collection, and luckily my father agreed to drive past the store to buy it for me when driving home from business visit somewhere down in the country. When he came home his typical humour was in use "they were totally sold out" and I was like "baah" and he was like "no they had lots" thi hi. :( Anyway I'm now really looking forward to watching them after looking at the covers and checking them out on imdb and such. :D But Star Wars 3 is up first. I'm going to watch it twice, two days just after each other. Friday 19th with my family and Saturday 20th with some friends. Star Wars mania is at the max!

Today and yesterday I've been checking out which have some 300,000 posters :O. They have a sale right now so I've chosen 2 big and 2 small ones I'm going to order later tonight. (Star Wars 3(big), Lindsay Lohan(big), Keira Knightley(small) and Amidala/Natalie Portman(small)).

World Cup 5 is going fine, I found style myself this time. I have 47,85 by now, should be able to do a little better, haven't played much today and yesterday, tomorrow will be hoyling spree. ;)

Few days ago I found and old song which I haven't heard for ages but really liked. Got so happy that I finaly got it, it is called "This time I mean it" sang by Trine Jepsen and Michael Teschl (who's father(and mother I suppose) lives in city 15km from my place and works as a doctor, he has also grown up there). It is old danish Song Contest song from 1999, which got a 8th place in the Eurovision Song Contest if I remember right. I really love her voice. :D~ To bad her band (which she joined after this) got such bad succes with their 2. album. Don't really know what she does now. :S

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