Sunday, May 08, 2005


First event of the WCup has come to an end. Last night I played for 2½ hours without improvning my time, that makes the last 3-3½ hours hoyling with no results, baaah. But but but, when results arrived I was in between the fifteen to get points, more exact no. 49. When results were written in IRC it was very exciting as I could see as we came close position 50 that I would end up around there, so it was like, will I get points, or not... But I did and now I'm not so pissed of using that much time with no improvements.

So, what else have I been doing lately, let's see.
Yesterday I was in Ålborg visiting my big brother with my family and my fathers sister and her family. We walked around the city for some time in shops and cafes, afterwards we had coffee and my brothers place. I bought an AC Milan shirt with Tomasson on it.

Thursday I saw Star Wars 1 and Friday I saw Star Wars 2. So now I am ready for watcing Star Wars 3 in about two weeks, _really_ looking forward to see it. At my brothers place I saw an ad for the 3 old movies collection box for sale for 250 kr. (33€). I'm gonna buy that sometime this week, hopefully my parents will drive me to the store :).

Now there is only one full week and then 3 school days the next week till I it's over. :P

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