Tuesday, May 17, 2005

13 hours and 19 minutes

When not playing WCup event 3a and with the pause between a and b it have given me some time for web designing. After formatting I lost all my newer web pages, including all of new kopasite, but luckily I had a few pages uploaded for testing, so I didn't lost everything. Anyway I used some time and made some stuff on it. Still alot of things to do, and pages to add before it's done.

Sunday I was fishing with some relatives. It was in a put and take lake. My aunt, cousin, father and mother caught each a fish. Pretty big ones two of them. My dad caught the fish in the ass, atleast the hook sat there when we got it on land. We eat those two for dinner in the evening on grill. Good stuff :b.

Today was last normal school day. But we didn't really do anything anyway. Eat some rundstykker and cakes and did nothing. Nice day. And tomorrow is last school day, finally.

13 hours and 19 minutes is time untill last school day is over.

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