Tuesday, May 31, 2005

World Cup event 5

Event 5 is a rather nice level I think. It has a rather good hoylability though I only finished it 4 times. Sunday I played it some and together with my teammate iob I found the style, not using pipe. I choosed from the beginning to to try the pipe, as I knew I would never be able to get through it enough times to finish the level that way. I didn't complete the level sunday the superhero way. Monday I didn't really had time to play. So today I had to do the final hoyling. I started playing at 17:00 only interopted by watching King of Queens and eating dinner. I didn't finished untill a little before 21:00 when I made 49.60. I wasn't really happy with that time so I played some more and got 47.94 at around 21:20. And then I could finally see the releasing words: "record successfully added." =)

Monday I had to go from school 1½ hour earlier as I had my first driving lesson. It was 3 hours of driving with 10-25 km/h. Driving, stopping, driving stopping, turning, backwards driving and such. A little boring, but also a little fun, haven't been alone in car when driving ever, and never driving for that long time either.

Afterwards work, and then teoretically driving lesson, and then home for dinner. I left my bag at work (with laptop) and my father would take it with him home (so I didn't had to take it with me for teoretically driving lesson), but he was in Århus setting some stuff up and didn't came home before around 21:00, hence I didn't had time to play wcup.

Oh btw. my Lindsay Lohan poster arrived. :D Looking forward to getting it and the Star Wars one up on my walls (if only I can find space.).

Sunday, May 29, 2005


Yay 10 points. :)


So I attended this one day festival Perlefesten. At 12:00 I meet with my friends at Dyhr's place. Were we grilled, drank and such. Then at around 15:00 we drove to the festival in two cars. Those in the other car didn't drove where they had told us to drive and meet them, hence we got splitted. Me and two other for some reason joined these other people which was someone I didn't knew. We were together with them, with a short exception for some time. Which was rather boring for me atleast, as I didn't really knew them. Luckily we came by the other guys (those in the other car) at around 18:00, so I joined them, and the rest of the day became more fun. :)

Best music were Julie and this band Dodo and the dodos.

Friday night I suddenly remembered I that wouldn't be able to play saturday, so I had to make best time there. I played from 23:00 and didn't finish the level untill 1:15. Which was my 2nd finish overall. Not as good time as I had expected, but hopefully enough for a few points.

I've been thinking that I might wanna wait till after summer and WCup 5 before getting new comp atleast.

Friday, May 27, 2005


I did some research for computer parts. While doing this and thinking more about it I became a little more sure that I wanna buy new comp stuff. What Im probably gonna buy if I'm gonna buy will be:

AMD Athlon 64 3000+ or 3200+
AMD seems to be best for gaming, which will be the main thing I'm going to use it for.
ASUS A8N-E motherboard
Has USB 2, PCI express, gigabit lan and such.
2 Kingston ValueRAM 512 MB
ASUS Extreme AX700/TD - ATI Radeon X700
Was better than Geforce 6600 and Radeon X600XT in some tests.
And some random 400 watt power supply

That will be totally 470 €. Don't know yet if I wanna buy new case and such.

Do you have any suggestions or comments please share them.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

New PC or nat?

Inspired by dz's latest blog entry I went out a few hours ago to check if my racing bike is ready for the summer. After a short looking at it, I couldn't find any thing that didn't work probably on it, even though it haven't been used for quite some time, so that's just nice. So instead I played a little football with our dog.

Afterwards I eat and went to second teoretically driving lesson.

Last few days I've been thinking a little about if I maybe should get new computer or upgrade the old. My laptop and my old PC can't really run any newer games and such, and also I have some money which I don't know what to use for. Just a few minutes ago my dad thrugh a PC World magasin to me, which had main headline "Custom make your own PC". So i guess I'm gonna read that article and then check which part in the old comp that can still be used. I was looking a dell's website few days ago, to see if it's cheaper to buy a complete PC that way. But there are too many things there I can't not buy so not gonna do that atleast.

Star Wars

Uhh nice, Star Wars 3 soundtrack arrived today. :o~ Listening to it right now, seems nice. It also includes a DVD with music and music videos from all 6 movies. Nice!

Yesterday I finished my "Star Wars wall" see it here. I think it became pretty nice, and well I'm the one who's gonna look at the most so that's good :). Took some time too. If you can't see it the small white things are quotes from the movie.

Btw. some new guys made blogs after TJ made topic about blogging on lauta. Check them out in the navigation to the right.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005


For some reason, maybe because my elma playing have been increasing last couple of weeks (due to wcup) I have come to think some of internals. And what I have been thinking about is that I will probably never play for TT again. When I read about internals on mopolauta I don't really care about what people write, and I don't even care to download if a nice replay is uploaded. But after all I have played them for almost three years now. However I might try to get danish record in curva or upside someday after wcup if I'm very bored. Well this also leads to another question, will I continue to play elma after wcup? Probably not, atleast only very little. However I have high expectations for some projects I'm planning. And then there is only one question left, why am I writing this when I could be playing wcup??

Anyway.. hehe.

Today I had written english year test (random test that doesn't really have any importance) which I finished after two of three hours. Afterwards it was work, and at my way home from work I stopped by Morsø Bank to buy a ticket for Perlefesten. Which is a one day festival on the island I live on, which takes place this saturday. The shop assistant in the bank looked kinda like Salma Hayek, pretty fun. At home beside the usually ircing and such I did some cutting paper. I cutted out the quotes I had printed from Star Wars 3, and attached them to the wall, beside the stills I had attached to the wall earlier. Also I started cutting out the big Star Wars letters. I will show picture when it is all done.

Holiday is NICE!

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith

I was in cinema both Friday and Saturday evening watching the new Star Wars movie. (Friday with family, Saturday with friends.) First time I've ever seen a movie twice in cinema, but don't regret it. It was the best movie I've ever seen, by far, and I really mean it. In the cinema the first evening I was really close beginning to cry a few times. Hadn't expected it to be that sad. Even though you know what what happens in 4th movie and so, there are still many exciting things happening. Whole saturday I was thinking of the movie, such great movie..

If you haven't yet, I REALLY recommend you to go watch it.

One of the first things I did when I got home friday was ordering the Soundtrack on CD-WoW.

As expected I didn't get any points in WCup event 3. The 4th level is a quite long, but nice one. The skint0r level in WCup 4 was the first I got points in, let's hope that this time it will be the first I get many points in. :b

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Last school day

So yesterday was last school day. We meet at 9:00 ( I was 5 mins late as always ;) ), eat rundstykker and got out exams papers. I'm going for danish and english written exams, plus two weeks project. Next hour went by doing pretty much nothing, then we drove to the bowling place (we won bowling by being no. 2 in class tournament). First serie went not that well, I go 73 points, but the next went very well, the best I've ever done, I got 117 points, including 3 strikes where the two of them were in row. After bowling the school day was over, and I drove to work.

In the evening we had party at Rune's place. (Have written about party that place before) We meet there at 18:00 and orderen pizza's. I shared this pizza with sausages with someone else. Tasted not very well. Rest of the evening went by with some poker, random talk, some doing arm (should be written this way occording to dictionary, sound stupid) and the usually party stuff. Little tame, some had to do stuff in the morning, and this one guy got very sick. I as the last got collected by my dad at 23:40.

Last night I dreamt about an elma meeting. Taking place from today, and a few days forth. I drove there with one of my irl friends (who doesn't play elma, but did in dream I suppose) and enil. But after setting comps up we realise that the danish test is tomorrow, and have to drive home again. That's what I can remember now, I think there was a little more.

Today, first holiday day went quite quiet, have been bored most day. Got answer from PCGW (Computer magasin I get) about the missing one. Im gonna get it, but they have temporary stopped my subscription because I haven't paid. But I have, though I might have written wrong no. in Net Bank when paying. Can't figure out to check it for sure.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

13 hours and 19 minutes

When not playing WCup event 3a and with the pause between a and b it have given me some time for web designing. After formatting I lost all my newer web pages, including all of new kopasite, but luckily I had a few pages uploaded for testing, so I didn't lost everything. Anyway I used some time and made some stuff on it. Still alot of things to do, and pages to add before it's done.

Sunday I was fishing with some relatives. It was in a put and take lake. My aunt, cousin, father and mother caught each a fish. Pretty big ones two of them. My dad caught the fish in the ass, atleast the hook sat there when we got it on land. We eat those two for dinner in the evening on grill. Good stuff :b.

Today was last normal school day. But we didn't really do anything anyway. Eat some rundstykker and cakes and did nothing. Nice day. And tomorrow is last school day, finally.

13 hours and 19 minutes is time untill last school day is over.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

World Cup event 2 results

I got a 64th place this time. Not really what I had expected. After being suprised by getting points in the first event I might have underestimated event 2. Must play harder in upcoming events. The event 3 a level is very short hoyla lev, not my type, easy choice which to play. Though most of the time of the 2nd level is at night, but I don't have school at friday, so I have plenty of time for it.

Friday, May 13, 2005

My CD Collection

Already some time ago I wrote all my CDs into an Excel document. Wanted to make it in Acces but then I wasn't sure how to easy get it out on the internet. There are some info missing in the table but most important info are there.


48 CDs.

Btw. I have often been thinking of why people tend to dislike my music taste when I rarely see them dislike other peoples taste. It might be because I like some of that popular music, that are played in radios and on MTV and so on, so people know much of the music and like, and can therefore dislike it, when other people tell they like some music that not many people know about, they can't dislike it when they don't know it.

I got the posters ordered yesterday but didn't order the Keira
Knightley and Natalie Portman ones because they were catagorized photos, so I had to paid more for getting them sent. And can always order them later if I feel like, will not cost more for delivery than if I had ordered them together with the posters I ordered yesterday.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

The Crown of every DVD Collection

As I told before I saw ad for the Star Wars trilogy DVD collection, and luckily my father agreed to drive past the store to buy it for me when driving home from business visit somewhere down in the country. When he came home his typical humour was in use "they were totally sold out" and I was like "baah" and he was like "no they had lots" thi hi. :( Anyway I'm now really looking forward to watching them after looking at the covers and checking them out on imdb and such. :D But Star Wars 3 is up first. I'm going to watch it twice, two days just after each other. Friday 19th with my family and Saturday 20th with some friends. Star Wars mania is at the max!

Today and yesterday I've been checking out allposters.com which have some 300,000 posters :O. They have a sale right now so I've chosen 2 big and 2 small ones I'm going to order later tonight. (Star Wars 3(big), Lindsay Lohan(big), Keira Knightley(small) and Amidala/Natalie Portman(small)).

World Cup 5 is going fine, I found style myself this time. I have 47,85 by now, should be able to do a little better, haven't played much today and yesterday, tomorrow will be hoyling spree. ;)

Few days ago I found and old song which I haven't heard for ages but really liked. Got so happy that I finaly got it, it is called "This time I mean it" sang by Trine Jepsen and Michael Teschl (who's father(and mother I suppose) lives in city 15km from my place and works as a doctor, he has also grown up there). It is old danish Song Contest song from 1999, which got a 8th place in the Eurovision Song Contest if I remember right. I really love her voice. :D~ To bad her band (which she joined after this) got such bad succes with their 2. album. Don't really know what she does now. :S

Sunday, May 08, 2005


First event of the WCup has come to an end. Last night I played for 2½ hours without improvning my time, that makes the last 3-3½ hours hoyling with no results, baaah. But but but, when results arrived I was in between the fifteen to get points, more exact no. 49. When results were written in IRC it was very exciting as I could see as we came close position 50 that I would end up around there, so it was like, will I get points, or not... But I did and now I'm not so pissed of using that much time with no improvements.

So, what else have I been doing lately, let's see.
Yesterday I was in Ålborg visiting my big brother with my family and my fathers sister and her family. We walked around the city for some time in shops and cafes, afterwards we had coffee and my brothers place. I bought an AC Milan shirt with Tomasson on it.

Thursday I saw Star Wars 1 and Friday I saw Star Wars 2. So now I am ready for watcing Star Wars 3 in about two weeks, _really_ looking forward to see it. At my brothers place I saw an ad for the 3 old movies collection box for sale for 250 kr. (33€). I'm gonna buy that sometime this week, hopefully my parents will drive me to the store :).

Now there is only one full week and then 3 school days the next week till I it's over. :P

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

So it begins

Yesterday world cup 5 finally started. After playing quite some these two days I've gotten in max wcup mood. :D At first the level seemed quite stupid, but after figuering out style ( national coorperation is the best, as long as the fins not begin with it ;) ) it became a nice level. Should be able to get some under 1 min time.

After tomorrows school day we have a short holiday, thursday and friday are off. That means more time for Wcup hoyling, yay. Beside I might watch Star Wars 1 and 2, so I've seen them again before watching the 3rd in cinema. Also we are visiting my older brother in Ålborg.

I wonder is it happy I'm feeling? I think so, probably because it's vacation and such, also worries are at a minimum. heh ;) whatever

15 till school is over, with only 9 school days. :DD