Monday, April 18, 2005


Friday I was at Morten's place gaming some Age of Empires 2, Call of Duty and CS ( cheat is fun, don't tell anyone ;) ). Fun night though you get so tired at Fridays, and some of the guys can be pretty mongo :).

In the evening we (our family) had visit of this other family from town (small town around 100 people). They have boy 2 years younger than me, which is good friend of mine. We played some football, outside and table football, later some Winter Challenge and Counter Strike.

Sunday was used with some random relaxing and chilling. I saw Space Jam which I bought on DVD two weeks ago. I re-realised just how great a movie it is. You should really see it if you haven't.
I ordered some new dvds too. Not movies though. After desiding not going to Beach Party (music festival) I wanted to buy some live dvds instead. So after long thougts I ordered: Busted - A ticked for everyone, Stacie Orrico - Live in Japan, Atomic Kitten - The greatest hits Live on Wempley arena and Evanescene - Anywhere but home live. Why I'm not going to Beach party? I don't wanna pay 650 kr. (87€) for sitting on a grass fill drinking beers, you can't hear the music from there, for my friends it's more about the beers than the music :(.

Weekend tend to be the most interesting to write about :)

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