Thursday, April 21, 2005


Yesterday I woke up to late (5-10 mins), because I had set my alarm wrong the day before, so didn't woke up before my dad called on me. Becuase of that fact that I also had forgotten to fix the kickstarter on my moped I knew I would get to late to school, so I didn't hurry. So after firming the kickstarter twice I drove to school and was 12 mins late.

Today in school we had free from spanish (two lessons). However we had a single math lesson afterwards, but I didn't felt like staying there just for one lesson, so I bought a pizza and a cacao at the cafeteria, eat it, and took to work. I was home 14:20, which makes it's the ealiest I've been home this school year, as far as I can remember. And we have holiday tomorrow friday, so it was early weekend. Nice!

Last past days I've been playing some curvaceous in windowed mode. Guy on mopolauta told it has better brake there, I think it's right. I'm trying for danish record, should be possible with 38karliz.rec style which I try learning. My top 10 is pretty hoyled now (except best time).
Level 38, Curvaceous:
00:33:73 Kopaka
00:34:05 Kopaka
00:34:12 Kopaka
00:34:12 Kopaka
00:34:13 Kopaka
00:34:15 Kopaka
00:34:18 Kopaka
00:34:19 Kopaka
00:34:23 Kopaka
00:34:28 Kopaka

I took a few new pictures of myself the day before yesterday, thought I would share with you.
Second Inspired by my Christina Aguilera poster.

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