Wednesday, April 13, 2005


I started to have milk with my corn flakes. Started this maybe two weeks ago. Before then I've always eaten corn flakes just with sugar and no milk. As I grow older many of my childhood different-habits-from-most-other seem to disappear and go into the mainstream. Let's hope this not happens with everything.

Today I got the very good idea to take back some of my Split Frenzy records which I've lost back. That seemed to be a bad idea. After maybe an hour I finally finished a new level with no records, but with nice time. And then playing some of the other old levels I just couldn't seem to drive them as fast as I did when I last time played them, couldn't get near my old records. baah...

35 days till summerholiday and Star Wars III premiere. 19 days till World Cup 5.

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