Saturday, April 02, 2005


It's strange how small things you do can have big influence on other people. This is not the best example, I've noticed some other episodes before but can remember those now. Yesterday at work when I walked outside with litter to empty in container I only opened port half, as I am not a truck or car. When I was outside this guy came in van for get some packages as he does every day. Normally he drives inside the hall and takes the packages inside the car from there, but as the port was half opened he parked just outside it and took the packages out of the port and in the car. Though he could easily had opened the port fully like he always does. Not best example as I said, but I just find it fun.

Yesterday afternoon I drove to Lødderup Stadion to play football with my friends. We played to halfs with different teams. This was the first time after winter we played. We played a few times before winter too. I missed a lot of good chances, damn small goals. :(

Today I was in Bilka (big shopping mall, one the biggest in Denmark) with my family. It's about an hour drive. I bought 3 new dvd's (Space Jam, Kill Bill and Kill Bill 2.) and a Jumbobog (256 pages donald duck book). My little sister bought a 20" Prosonic TV and a Prosonic 512mb MP3 player.

Tonight is either poker with my friends or Inpependence Day with my family.

Peace out >:o]^^


Anonymous said...

Indeed. Like this?

- skint0r

Kopaka said...

Yea exactly. Interesting reading.