Sunday, April 24, 2005


Friday before dinner I was going to see Anger Manegement, but then I saw that Antz was in danish TV2, so I decided to watch that instead. Not often I catch a good movie in TV, and at a time that suits me. Still nice movie :). After the movie we (my family) visited family friend for dinner.

Saturday at 12 o'clock I drove to Lødderup (approx. 12 km) to play football with some friends. At 2 o'clock we took into Nykøbing to get a pizza and afterwards we took back to the stadion to play some more. We played untill 16:45. I was pretty tired afterwards, but it was very nice afternoon.

For dinner me and my family took on Italian resturant, celebrating my parents 24 years wedding day, which was a few days ago.

Just now my grandparents and my mothers brother has been visiting for coffe. :)

I've taken a little break with the curva hoyling and cruised some olliz levels when I was bored.

8 days till WCup 5.
24 days till school is over. It's getting close. :D

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