Sunday, April 03, 2005

Eventfull Weekend

Poker it was, last night. It was at my place. We were 8 people (me, kluie, ole, hanson, futte, helena, mikael and dyhr). We played that way that we each gave a certain amount of money into a funds, got a certain amount of tokens, a the 3 last left with tokens would get an amount of the funds. More to no. 1, less to no. 3. First time we each gave 10 dkr. and second time we gave 30. I didn't win anything. Nor when we played Black Jack afterwards. But a fun evening it was. The last person took home at 1:30.

Today I've just come home. We were in Skive visiting family (with which we are going on small vacation with next weekend) for some afternoon coffee.

The rest of the day will go by with some homework (if any), computing and I will watch the first episode in my new Alias 2nd season DVD collection.

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