Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Adams Æbler

I can hereby remove the following from the About me page on my site:
"I have never been in the cinema with other than my family.."
I have just gotten home, I was in the cinema with 4 friends watching the new danish movie "Adams Æbler". Rather sick/crazy movie, but had some fun moments. Some mongo kids sitting behind us, with absolutely no sense for humor laughing of nothing ruined it a bit.

Today Stacie Orrico - Live in Japan and Busted - A Ticket for everyone arrived with the mail, btw. also Evanescence - Far from home arrived on Saturday. Evanescence DVD also have a CD with the songs so I've only heard that so far, it sounds nice.

Today has been used backupping some data as I'm getting a format tomorrow.

Minor headache has been going on for 2½ days now I think, maybe I should do some more drugs? (hereby meaning headache pills) ;-)

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