Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Adams Æbler

I can hereby remove the following from the About me page on my site:
"I have never been in the cinema with other than my family.."
I have just gotten home, I was in the cinema with 4 friends watching the new danish movie "Adams Æbler". Rather sick/crazy movie, but had some fun moments. Some mongo kids sitting behind us, with absolutely no sense for humor laughing of nothing ruined it a bit.

Today Stacie Orrico - Live in Japan and Busted - A Ticket for everyone arrived with the mail, btw. also Evanescence - Far from home arrived on Saturday. Evanescence DVD also have a CD with the songs so I've only heard that so far, it sounds nice.

Today has been used backupping some data as I'm getting a format tomorrow.

Minor headache has been going on for 2½ days now I think, maybe I should do some more drugs? (hereby meaning headache pills) ;-)

Sunday, April 24, 2005


Friday before dinner I was going to see Anger Manegement, but then I saw that Antz was in danish TV2, so I decided to watch that instead. Not often I catch a good movie in TV, and at a time that suits me. Still nice movie :). After the movie we (my family) visited family friend for dinner.

Saturday at 12 o'clock I drove to Lødderup (approx. 12 km) to play football with some friends. At 2 o'clock we took into Nykøbing to get a pizza and afterwards we took back to the stadion to play some more. We played untill 16:45. I was pretty tired afterwards, but it was very nice afternoon.

For dinner me and my family took on Italian resturant, celebrating my parents 24 years wedding day, which was a few days ago.

Just now my grandparents and my mothers brother has been visiting for coffe. :)

I've taken a little break with the curva hoyling and cruised some olliz levels when I was bored.

8 days till WCup 5.
24 days till school is over. It's getting close. :D

Thursday, April 21, 2005


Yesterday I woke up to late (5-10 mins), because I had set my alarm wrong the day before, so didn't woke up before my dad called on me. Becuase of that fact that I also had forgotten to fix the kickstarter on my moped I knew I would get to late to school, so I didn't hurry. So after firming the kickstarter twice I drove to school and was 12 mins late.

Today in school we had free from spanish (two lessons). However we had a single math lesson afterwards, but I didn't felt like staying there just for one lesson, so I bought a pizza and a cacao at the cafeteria, eat it, and took to work. I was home 14:20, which makes it's the ealiest I've been home this school year, as far as I can remember. And we have holiday tomorrow friday, so it was early weekend. Nice!

Last past days I've been playing some curvaceous in windowed mode. Guy on mopolauta told it has better brake there, I think it's right. I'm trying for danish record, should be possible with 38karliz.rec style which I try learning. My top 10 is pretty hoyled now (except best time).
Level 38, Curvaceous:
00:33:73 Kopaka
00:34:05 Kopaka
00:34:12 Kopaka
00:34:12 Kopaka
00:34:13 Kopaka
00:34:15 Kopaka
00:34:18 Kopaka
00:34:19 Kopaka
00:34:23 Kopaka
00:34:28 Kopaka

I took a few new pictures of myself the day before yesterday, thought I would share with you.
Second Inspired by my Christina Aguilera poster.

Monday, April 18, 2005


Friday I was at Morten's place gaming some Age of Empires 2, Call of Duty and CS ( cheat is fun, don't tell anyone ;) ). Fun night though you get so tired at Fridays, and some of the guys can be pretty mongo :).

In the evening we (our family) had visit of this other family from town (small town around 100 people). They have boy 2 years younger than me, which is good friend of mine. We played some football, outside and table football, later some Winter Challenge and Counter Strike.

Sunday was used with some random relaxing and chilling. I saw Space Jam which I bought on DVD two weeks ago. I re-realised just how great a movie it is. You should really see it if you haven't.
I ordered some new dvds too. Not movies though. After desiding not going to Beach Party (music festival) I wanted to buy some live dvds instead. So after long thougts I ordered: Busted - A ticked for everyone, Stacie Orrico - Live in Japan, Atomic Kitten - The greatest hits Live on Wempley arena and Evanescene - Anywhere but home live. Why I'm not going to Beach party? I don't wanna pay 650 kr. (87€) for sitting on a grass fill drinking beers, you can't hear the music from there, for my friends it's more about the beers than the music :(.

Weekend tend to be the most interesting to write about :)

Wednesday, April 13, 2005


I started to have milk with my corn flakes. Started this maybe two weeks ago. Before then I've always eaten corn flakes just with sugar and no milk. As I grow older many of my childhood different-habits-from-most-other seem to disappear and go into the mainstream. Let's hope this not happens with everything.

Today I got the very good idea to take back some of my Split Frenzy records which I've lost back. That seemed to be a bad idea. After maybe an hour I finally finished a new level with no records, but with nice time. And then playing some of the other old levels I just couldn't seem to drive them as fast as I did when I last time played them, couldn't get near my old records. baah...

35 days till summerholiday and Star Wars III premiere. 19 days till World Cup 5.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Weekend Trip

This weekend I was in a Summerhouse with some relatives. We where 14 people. The house has 20 km2 swimming pool, spa bath, sauna and sun cheating thingie. Time was used with swimming, talking, playing cards and stuff.

It was indeed a nice weekend. Saturday night, we (4 of us) drank Bacardi Razz a little after midnight I think. And around at 2:30 we (3 of us) took into the pool and the spa. That was fun. :) Could write much more, but doesn't feel like, I will keep it to a few picture comments.

www.kopaka.dk/blog/sh/t~IMG_1002.jpg When we were drinking Bacardi Razz.
www.kopaka.dk/blog/sh/t~IMG_1009.jpg The pool, roller coaster and spa.
www.kopaka.dk/blog/sh/t~IMG_1014.jpg Lock on a litter box? hmm...
www.kopaka.dk/blog/sh/t~IMG_1024.jpg I were at the beach 3 times, pretty cold though.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Chicken owned!

Skint0r posted an interesting link about the influence thing I talked about a few days ago.

Today in school in spanish lesson (we had no teacher) I made animal farm over chicken head shortcut for the very first time. YAY :D I fucked up just after at the snake, and died later at the mouse, but I did it, and I think I can do it again.

Bah, I hate it, in school or at work I think of something I want to write, but I forget it. :(

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Eventfull Weekend

Poker it was, last night. It was at my place. We were 8 people (me, kluie, ole, hanson, futte, helena, mikael and dyhr). We played that way that we each gave a certain amount of money into a funds, got a certain amount of tokens, a the 3 last left with tokens would get an amount of the funds. More to no. 1, less to no. 3. First time we each gave 10 dkr. and second time we gave 30. I didn't win anything. Nor when we played Black Jack afterwards. But a fun evening it was. The last person took home at 1:30.

Today I've just come home. We were in Skive visiting family (with which we are going on small vacation with next weekend) for some afternoon coffee.

The rest of the day will go by with some homework (if any), computing and I will watch the first episode in my new Alias 2nd season DVD collection.

Saturday, April 02, 2005


It's strange how small things you do can have big influence on other people. This is not the best example, I've noticed some other episodes before but can remember those now. Yesterday at work when I walked outside with litter to empty in container I only opened port half, as I am not a truck or car. When I was outside this guy came in van for get some packages as he does every day. Normally he drives inside the hall and takes the packages inside the car from there, but as the port was half opened he parked just outside it and took the packages out of the port and in the car. Though he could easily had opened the port fully like he always does. Not best example as I said, but I just find it fun.

Yesterday afternoon I drove to Lødderup Stadion to play football with my friends. We played to halfs with different teams. This was the first time after winter we played. We played a few times before winter too. I missed a lot of good chances, damn small goals. :(

Today I was in Bilka (big shopping mall, one the biggest in Denmark) with my family. It's about an hour drive. I bought 3 new dvd's (Space Jam, Kill Bill and Kill Bill 2.) and a Jumbobog (256 pages donald duck book). My little sister bought a 20" Prosonic TV and a Prosonic 512mb MP3 player.

Tonight is either poker with my friends or Inpependence Day with my family.

Peace out >:o]^^