Monday, March 07, 2005

World Cup 5

So there is gonna be World Cup 5 afterall, and pretty soon too.

So, I'm I gonna play? Well, just after World Cup 4 I was like "omg I'm not gonna play world cup again for atleast 1½ year." And well it has been 1½ year, it has actually been 2 years since the last stopped. But lately I've had an elma break, but has been playing some last month in order to be ready for the elma meeting a week ago. And now I've been thinking should I take break again or what? But now there is world cup in 1½ month.

During World Cup 4 I was still pretty n00b, so I would really like to see how good I can do in a world cup now. And I think I'm not that sick of playing elma anymore. And it starts only 2 weeks before my summer break starts, so I have time to play it. So why not? You never know when there is going to be a new one, if any at all.

So I think that I've decided to play it with all forces.

Now how should I prepare for it? I could maybe play a little MasterCup to train my cup skills, that would be perfect. Now I just hope that most of my team mates are gonna play too. Atleast have Jonkka said he wants to play some. Let's see. I hope we are gonna have some fun in LaMe with the WCup levels.

Btw. I've started on making a level for the WCup. The two levels I sent for WCup 4 sucked really badly. I've become much better designer since, but do I have a change for getting a level into the WCup? I don't really know, but I might.

So elma.. I AM BACK!

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Abula said...

Nice to see another Elma blog :]. Hopefully you will keep on the writing. Beat me! Write more and more often.