Sunday, March 13, 2005

Thoughs of the Day

MasC09.lev turned out to be the best level in Master Cup so far imo, and my teammate insane guy thinks so too, so we can get a little cooperation, nice. :D I hope for a nice placement.

Thinking of it, this blogging thing is quite fun. I recommend you to do it too. ;P

School again tomorrow but only one week and it's easter break. That is nice. I don't really have any plans for the easter, but I hope for some nice time with my friends. And my big brother is coming home half of the easter.

I bought new harddrive for my desktop two weeks ago, and got discreaderror short time ago. I now reinstalled windows, and time will tell if the problem comes again.

Seems like you always have too few money no matter how many you have(almost). At the moment I earn more money than ever before, but I still have a hard time not using it all. I wanna save something for when I get 18 and only get the SU, which is max low. :(

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