Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Elma dream

This sunday evening I had an elma dream. Not the first, not at all. I can remember 3, but I think I've had a few more. But this was kinda the best one so far. The dream must have taken place a few weeks into the future (WCup time). I made a new style in Flat Track and Islands in the Sky, and made World Record in both levels, way better than old record. (I guess this is almost every kuskis dream, to find new style in an Internal and make new WR.) I think this happened the same day. Beside the two WR's I also made a very good time in the WCup level, which I for some reason knew would win by many seconds. But then around 12:30 sunday I realised I haven't sent the WCup result and I'm like "fack :(". And that's the end of the dream. Would be so nice if it came true, except the last part ofcourse, hehe. =)

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