Friday, March 18, 2005

Easter Holiday

Wee easter holiday! :D

Are gonna be nice with a week without school, though I have to go to work for 3 days, but well, that gives me money, and a change to get by a store. However all the other guys at work putted their stamp slip (papir where you stamps when you come and go) into the box where we put it when it's filled, and there is a week till they are filled yet, like they are not going to work next week, so are the factory closed the whole easter?? Luckily my dad works there too, so he might know.

Tonight I'm going to my friends house for a party, he has made a bar in the basement, we party there alot, max beers and vodka it is. :D

Later in the holiday I hope for some poker and computer nights, maybe at my own place. My big brother is also coming home from Thursday till Monday (bringing his new gf :O).


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