Saturday, March 19, 2005


So we were drinking at barbelow (name of his bar) last night. I got alot, many different things, like beer, barcadi breezer, smirnoff ice, safari sambucu and a little gajol. It was very fun night, never been as drunk as last night, max hard going up and down the stairs down to the bar. :/

Around 10-11 o'clock we walked some around in the city (it is pretty small city), ringing/knocking peoples doors and waving to them, and to cars. We had some fireworks too we played some with. It was fun actually. Then at midnight the host went to bed, but we didn't went home untill 1:30.

But this morning is was not that fun. :/ Had worst hangover ever, headache and sickness, it didn't went over untill around 15:00. So is it worth drinking much when you have hangover the day after? At the start of the day I really didn't think so, but now.. I don't really know.


tijsjoris said...

Lol, it seems I guessed pretty fine in the questions topic! Trust me, I didn't look here before that!

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