Wednesday, March 30, 2005

A Day in the Life

Inspired by Skint0r and Abula I'll write about a normal day in the life of me.

6:32 Alarm rings (plays music) first time, I try to get up before it rings 3rd time, which is 18 mins later.

6:50 Eating breakfast or doing stuff in bathroom, order depends on if bathroom is occopied. I prefer taking baths in the evening. Afterwards I brush teeth, get things from my room (money and back ie.) and take on clothes.

7:10 I get outside and on my moped (Suzuki RMX).

7:45 Arrives at school, often many ppl where I drive on moped there, not well placed parking place for them. These last two clocks are often later, and I don't get into class room before 7:52-55 which is too late.

7:50 First lesson starts. School days tend to go by pretty fast, way faster than some years ago in lower grades.

Time between lessons are used talking with classmates, (which include many of my best friends) and some random ircing, and surfing. As I'm in this special e-class, where we each got laptop from the school which we use in lessons. In boring lessons I can do some ircing and surfing too, sometimes a little elma too, just have to make sure teacher not sees it, if they do they take comp and we won't get it back untill the end of the day.

12:10 Lunch. Most days I have food with me from home ( good thing about still living at parent ;-) ), but I usually buy something to drink, mostly ½ litre cacao.

14:05 School ends, most days at this time, but tuesday and friday at 13:15. Back on moped and drive to work.

14:20 Arrive at work. Starts by emptying litter boxes, takes about an ½ hour. Then back to dressing room and take of shirt. (I empty them outside in container, a bit cold mostly.) Then some random sweeping, and lastly I drive around on sweeping machine for about an hour.

16:10 Work done, sometimes later, 50 mins ealier if off 13:15 from school.

16:40 Back home. Checking mopolauta, mail and other webpages.

Rest of the day untill dinner goes with some random surfing, ircing, playing and watcing TV.

We start eating bewteen 18:30 and 19:30 normally.

Rest of the day are TV, playing, ircing, making homework and relaxing.

22:15 Brush teeth, say goodnight and and go to bed. Sometimes a little later, but rarely much later. In bed I read Donald Duck, PC Gaming World or some youth magasine before I sleep.

Days goes by way too fast. :(

Days like these will continue untill 18th of march where we have summer holiday (some exams after that though). I doesn't have holiday from work untill start of July I think, but after that I will not work there anymore, as I turn 18 this summer. Both good and bad things with that. Good: I get more sparetime. Bad: I will have less money. But I'm really looking forward to 18th of march, no more days till 16:40. Can't see myself working normal 8-16 job, after I've tried this.

A Day in the Life is a song by Lindsay Lohan from her movie "
Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen" which is one of my favorite songs right now.


Abula said...

What a strange starting time for school..7:50.

Cacao for lunch eh?

Oo, family dinner, nice. Is this normal in Danmark? Not in Fin at least. What kind of food you eat?

Anonymous said...

i think you mean 18TH OF MAY?


Jonkmeister said...

mango i byxan to start school at 7.50 indeed O_O

Kopaka said...

ye max early :(

Cacao is the only thing I buy, rest I have with my from home (bread whatever).

Yes family dinner is quite normal in denmark, atleast the evening dinner. We eat like potato or pasta often, and some kind of meat (pig, cow meat)

Ye I meant 18th of may. :)

Max like comments, keep 'em comming :)