Sunday, March 13, 2005


As promised, some thoughs about CeBIT in Hanover.

We started driving from our School at 9:54 and where in Hanover at our "jugendherberg" aroun 8 o'clock. Then we drove into the Centrum to get something to eat. We eat at McDonalds. Afterwards we had some time before the bus drove back. So we walked around enjoying Hanover city centrum. =) Most shops where closed at this time, so there weren't that much do to.

In the evening we went down the the social bar thing at the Jugendherberg. There were a table soccer game that we played some matches on, me and futte lost twice to the (girl) twins. :( When we got bored there we went upstairs to out room on 3rd floor and played some poker. This didn't went too good either. I think I lost about 5€ on that. But we had fun. :D We stopped a little after 1 o'clock. And finally I got some time to do the poopies.

Then we went to sleep, and talked around an hour, about movies at stuff.

We were supposed to have packed, eat breakfast, and be out at 9 o'clock. So not much sleep that night, and max nausea when I woke up, but luckily that soon disappeared.

Then we were off to the CeBIT. No queve at all, nice. When we got in we entered a big room, one of overall 27 halls. We walked around in there for about 5 hours. There was so much in there it would make no sense trying to write about all that we saw, so I will just write about a few tings.

Intel had a four racing cars where you could play Colin McRae Rally 2005, we tried that, it was pretty hard to control the car, but I was in front most of the time when I was playing, however, at the end I crashed and only got 2nd place. :/
Microsoft had some computers where you could try out messenger, and some multimedia program, that looked quite nice, I don't remember the name, but I will for sure look more into that. They also had some laying chairs we speakers on the side, for chilling and relaxing. Music on these were controlled by cellphone (??).

Soon it was lunchtime, but the eating places where quite expensive, so we walked around for some time trying to find a good place to eat, and ended up at some small mall/eating place where we got pommes frites, with some mongo german spice on. :/ And we had to stand up half of the time we were eating, as they only had a single table.

Anyway I think it was quite interesting walking around in there, but it was so huge, impossible to manage to see it all.

Then at 15:30 we took the bus home to Denmark again. Only stop was at the border for some eating and shopping. I didn't got anything to eat, suddenly we were driving again.

In the bus the way home we talked and took pictures and stuff like that. But it was a long trip, and we were home at 23:30.

Here is a picture of the stuff I got from some different companies.


Anonymous said...

liek hi.... u nat cane guess who mi is =) :************

Kopaka said...

I harr max nice guess, haha :*