Monday, March 14, 2005

100 mbit inet

Driving home from work today wih my dad, he told about a meeting he had with Midtvest Broadband. They are establishing Broadband and television in my area of the Country. They told that our municipality would be one of the first to get it as we are not fusioning with other municipalities. So pretty soon (1-2 months maybe) they will start dig in the cables. However it will take some time before they reach our house. It was first planed to be 10 mbit inet, but they have now changed it to be 100 mbit inet, along with phone and 31 television channels for only 600 a month. That is gonna be max!

The inet we have now is pretty sucky, it reconnects often, and I get "[10053] Software caused connection abort" on IRC many times a day. I do not know if it's our hardware or the inet that is problem though (do you?).

Looking forward to tomorrow, there is this activity day at school, and I chosed to play poker, I hope for a fun day.


Abula said...

How much is 600 in euros?

I have had 10Mbit VDSL for two years now. First it cost about 50e in a month but now it's free (university inet). 100Mbit would have been about 70e but who needs that?

Kopaka said...

600 dkr. is 80 euro.

I've now had 512kb for about a year, before that we had 128kb ISDN dial up. :)

Ye, 10 - 100mbit not big difference, I guess it takes some time before we'll need 100mbit.

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