Thursday, March 31, 2005

I finally finished my personal site I don't really know what is the purpose of the site, but I just like to have it there. Check it out and see if you find anything interesting. Next up is Kopasite ver. 7.

Today driving from school to work I tried driving another route, to see if it was faster, it didn't seem so. Might be in car though, as that route is more straight.

Bah, can't remember what more I wanted to write, was thinking of something while at work.

Anyway I received 2nd season of Alias on DVD today yay \o/. Indeed looking forward to watching it.

Btw. I really like reading comments, I hope you will write some :). Thinking of that just made me think, how many people reads this? Should add counter maybe? Anyway I don't care that much, as long as I can read it myself in 50 years. hehe =0)

Edit: Now I remember what I wanted to write, nothing serious though ;D. I'm really looking forward to getting my hair cut tomorrow. It is max long right now, haven't gotten it cut since short after new year if I remember correct. Hate having it this long, can't make it look nice and so.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

A Day in the Life

Inspired by Skint0r and Abula I'll write about a normal day in the life of me.

6:32 Alarm rings (plays music) first time, I try to get up before it rings 3rd time, which is 18 mins later.

6:50 Eating breakfast or doing stuff in bathroom, order depends on if bathroom is occopied. I prefer taking baths in the evening. Afterwards I brush teeth, get things from my room (money and back ie.) and take on clothes.

7:10 I get outside and on my moped (Suzuki RMX).

7:45 Arrives at school, often many ppl where I drive on moped there, not well placed parking place for them. These last two clocks are often later, and I don't get into class room before 7:52-55 which is too late.

7:50 First lesson starts. School days tend to go by pretty fast, way faster than some years ago in lower grades.

Time between lessons are used talking with classmates, (which include many of my best friends) and some random ircing, and surfing. As I'm in this special e-class, where we each got laptop from the school which we use in lessons. In boring lessons I can do some ircing and surfing too, sometimes a little elma too, just have to make sure teacher not sees it, if they do they take comp and we won't get it back untill the end of the day.

12:10 Lunch. Most days I have food with me from home ( good thing about still living at parent ;-) ), but I usually buy something to drink, mostly ½ litre cacao.

14:05 School ends, most days at this time, but tuesday and friday at 13:15. Back on moped and drive to work.

14:20 Arrive at work. Starts by emptying litter boxes, takes about an ½ hour. Then back to dressing room and take of shirt. (I empty them outside in container, a bit cold mostly.) Then some random sweeping, and lastly I drive around on sweeping machine for about an hour.

16:10 Work done, sometimes later, 50 mins ealier if off 13:15 from school.

16:40 Back home. Checking mopolauta, mail and other webpages.

Rest of the day untill dinner goes with some random surfing, ircing, playing and watcing TV.

We start eating bewteen 18:30 and 19:30 normally.

Rest of the day are TV, playing, ircing, making homework and relaxing.

22:15 Brush teeth, say goodnight and and go to bed. Sometimes a little later, but rarely much later. In bed I read Donald Duck, PC Gaming World or some youth magasine before I sleep.

Days goes by way too fast. :(

Days like these will continue untill 18th of march where we have summer holiday (some exams after that though). I doesn't have holiday from work untill start of July I think, but after that I will not work there anymore, as I turn 18 this summer. Both good and bad things with that. Good: I get more sparetime. Bad: I will have less money. But I'm really looking forward to 18th of march, no more days till 16:40. Can't see myself working normal 8-16 job, after I've tried this.

A Day in the Life is a song by Lindsay Lohan from her movie "
Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen" which is one of my favorite songs right now.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

I saw Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind yesterday, really nice movie, and fun too. Jim Carrey can do more than being fun. :P Not a coinsidence it got some oscar nominations and stuff (haven't seen the oscar show yet, don't know if it won any). It had some nice actors too, beside Jim Carrey there were Kate Winslet, Elijah Wood and Kirsten Dunst. I really recommend you to see it if you haven't.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Kopa LAN

Yesterday night and untill 16:00 today I held a LAN at my place. We were 3 guys most of the time, me, Morten and Dyhr. Ole arrived at 4 o'clock in the night, and left again 6 o'clock. :)

We only played a little CS, my 512 kbit inet were actually enough for us all three to play it online. Beside that we played some Call of Duty, did some random stuff and just chilled. Late we played some warcraft. In the morning we played some more Warcraft and some Age Of Empires 2.

Thursday, March 24, 2005


Yesterday I played soccer for the first time this year. (just alone in our garden.) Which means first fysical action pretty much :). Afterwards I sat in my bed and watched the king of queens. Sitting there after fysical action and relaxing just felt so nice, much better feeling that just normal relaxing and watching tv or movie. So that I am going to do again, just today I've already played soccer twice. Also I hope for my sharp to improve by this, it is pretty much zero :P. Also I couldn't hit the goal very well, I was like "one nice goal and I go back in and write blog", however that took pretty long, but I didn't wanted to give up. Later I hope for some cycling too.

Yesterday I saw A Knight's Tale, which is very nice and fun movie. The head actor Heath Ledger is a great actor, I also saw him in 10 Things I Hate About You.

Today I finally ordered Alias season 2 on DVD. Season one was extremely nice, I am really looking forward on watching the 2nd season.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

My Room

Doing last 2-3 days I've taking pretty much everything out of my closets and stuff for looking through want I didn't use anymore and and little cleaning in the closets. I finished yesterday afternoon, and now I have some more place in my room. And things are not so packed anymore in the closets. I also got I table soccer game down.





Last night I was playing poker at biwer's place. We were 10 guys. We played that variant with 5 cars on the table and 2 on the hand whole night. In the beginnig my money amuont was pretty much even, a little plus. But at the end when I moved to the other table I won quite some money. Overall I won 49,25 kr. (6,61€) that night.

Saturday, March 19, 2005


So we were drinking at barbelow (name of his bar) last night. I got alot, many different things, like beer, barcadi breezer, smirnoff ice, safari sambucu and a little gajol. It was very fun night, never been as drunk as last night, max hard going up and down the stairs down to the bar. :/

Around 10-11 o'clock we walked some around in the city (it is pretty small city), ringing/knocking peoples doors and waving to them, and to cars. We had some fireworks too we played some with. It was fun actually. Then at midnight the host went to bed, but we didn't went home untill 1:30.

But this morning is was not that fun. :/ Had worst hangover ever, headache and sickness, it didn't went over untill around 15:00. So is it worth drinking much when you have hangover the day after? At the start of the day I really didn't think so, but now.. I don't really know.

Friday, March 18, 2005

Easter Holiday

Wee easter holiday! :D

Are gonna be nice with a week without school, though I have to go to work for 3 days, but well, that gives me money, and a change to get by a store. However all the other guys at work putted their stamp slip (papir where you stamps when you come and go) into the box where we put it when it's filled, and there is a week till they are filled yet, like they are not going to work next week, so are the factory closed the whole easter?? Luckily my dad works there too, so he might know.

Tonight I'm going to my friends house for a party, he has made a bar in the basement, we party there alot, max beers and vodka it is. :D

Later in the holiday I hope for some poker and computer nights, maybe at my own place. My big brother is also coming home from Thursday till Monday (bringing his new gf :O).


"Sure, where?"

So, last episode of Friends is over.. :'( Max miss it already.

Simply best thing that has ever happened to human.

Can't find any words descriping my feelings on this, so I'm just gonna quote Rachel: "Bye Friends".


Yesterday I played some random internals (elma). Then I tried out Curvaceous for some minutes, and after like 5 mins I suddenly made 33,73, and my old time was 34,12, pretty nice improvement. =) Now the question is, if it was max lucky run, that I won't be able to beat in next two years, or if I can make better with some hoyling. Atleast I'm gonna try. Danish record could be nice. ;D

Monday, March 14, 2005

100 mbit inet

Driving home from work today wih my dad, he told about a meeting he had with Midtvest Broadband. They are establishing Broadband and television in my area of the Country. They told that our municipality would be one of the first to get it as we are not fusioning with other municipalities. So pretty soon (1-2 months maybe) they will start dig in the cables. However it will take some time before they reach our house. It was first planed to be 10 mbit inet, but they have now changed it to be 100 mbit inet, along with phone and 31 television channels for only 600 a month. That is gonna be max!

The inet we have now is pretty sucky, it reconnects often, and I get "[10053] Software caused connection abort" on IRC many times a day. I do not know if it's our hardware or the inet that is problem though (do you?).

Looking forward to tomorrow, there is this activity day at school, and I chosed to play poker, I hope for a fun day.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Thoughs of the Day

MasC09.lev turned out to be the best level in Master Cup so far imo, and my teammate insane guy thinks so too, so we can get a little cooperation, nice. :D I hope for a nice placement.

Thinking of it, this blogging thing is quite fun. I recommend you to do it too. ;P

School again tomorrow but only one week and it's easter break. That is nice. I don't really have any plans for the easter, but I hope for some nice time with my friends. And my big brother is coming home half of the easter.

I bought new harddrive for my desktop two weeks ago, and got discreaderror short time ago. I now reinstalled windows, and time will tell if the problem comes again.

Seems like you always have too few money no matter how many you have(almost). At the moment I earn more money than ever before, but I still have a hard time not using it all. I wanna save something for when I get 18 and only get the SU, which is max low. :(


As promised, some thoughs about CeBIT in Hanover.

We started driving from our School at 9:54 and where in Hanover at our "jugendherberg" aroun 8 o'clock. Then we drove into the Centrum to get something to eat. We eat at McDonalds. Afterwards we had some time before the bus drove back. So we walked around enjoying Hanover city centrum. =) Most shops where closed at this time, so there weren't that much do to.

In the evening we went down the the social bar thing at the Jugendherberg. There were a table soccer game that we played some matches on, me and futte lost twice to the (girl) twins. :( When we got bored there we went upstairs to out room on 3rd floor and played some poker. This didn't went too good either. I think I lost about 5€ on that. But we had fun. :D We stopped a little after 1 o'clock. And finally I got some time to do the poopies.

Then we went to sleep, and talked around an hour, about movies at stuff.

We were supposed to have packed, eat breakfast, and be out at 9 o'clock. So not much sleep that night, and max nausea when I woke up, but luckily that soon disappeared.

Then we were off to the CeBIT. No queve at all, nice. When we got in we entered a big room, one of overall 27 halls. We walked around in there for about 5 hours. There was so much in there it would make no sense trying to write about all that we saw, so I will just write about a few tings.

Intel had a four racing cars where you could play Colin McRae Rally 2005, we tried that, it was pretty hard to control the car, but I was in front most of the time when I was playing, however, at the end I crashed and only got 2nd place. :/
Microsoft had some computers where you could try out messenger, and some multimedia program, that looked quite nice, I don't remember the name, but I will for sure look more into that. They also had some laying chairs we speakers on the side, for chilling and relaxing. Music on these were controlled by cellphone (??).

Soon it was lunchtime, but the eating places where quite expensive, so we walked around for some time trying to find a good place to eat, and ended up at some small mall/eating place where we got pommes frites, with some mongo german spice on. :/ And we had to stand up half of the time we were eating, as they only had a single table.

Anyway I think it was quite interesting walking around in there, but it was so huge, impossible to manage to see it all.

Then at 15:30 we took the bus home to Denmark again. Only stop was at the border for some eating and shopping. I didn't got anything to eat, suddenly we were driving again.

In the bus the way home we talked and took pictures and stuff like that. But it was a long trip, and we were home at 23:30.

Here is a picture of the stuff I got from some different companies.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Class Trip

Tomorrow I am going on a class trip to Hannover. We are going to visit the cebit mess. We are going to do this every year, the 3 years I go on this school. This is because I am in the special e-class, where we also have gotten free laptop that we use in school.

Anyway I will be back friday night, and will write some toughts here sometime.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005


The Tv-show. Don't read this if you have not seen the last three episodes and are gonna.

So today it was 3rd last episode. It was really weird feeling watching it, I felt all weird, I was even close crying. Can't explain my feelings for this show, but knowing that only 2 episodes are left, really makes me sad. Last two episodes are shown same day, so it's only one week and it's over. But a con is that the story is leading where I want (not that they're moving away), ofcourse I do not know where it leads, but it could be something great.

Welcome to my Diary

Diary, blog, journal, call it what you want. Anyway hi and welcome to my blog. My name is Sune Høyer Sørensen a.k.a. Kopaka or Kopa. I am 17 years old, live in denmark, going in college, playing Elasto Mania, irc'ing and so on. If you wanna know more about me check out my personal site when it gets online.

Why I write blog
For some time (years) I've been thinking of writing diary, but never really taking me together to get started. But then I saw Abula's blog some days ago, where he also wrote that he would like to "breath life into the Elma blog culture". So I though, why not do like him, write it online. And he had found this nice page, so I decided to use this. Not untill recently did I consider writing diary puplic, but thinking out it, that might be much more fun. Then people can comment, laught, cry whatever of what you write. So here we are.

Now I just hope that I won't be too lazy to write here. I probably won't write everyday, mostly just when something special happens, or if I have some feelings about things in life.

I will probably write alot about elma, especially now when World Cup starts soon. However I'm pretty sure there is gonna be more non elma, than elma related posts here.

Elma dream

This sunday evening I had an elma dream. Not the first, not at all. I can remember 3, but I think I've had a few more. But this was kinda the best one so far. The dream must have taken place a few weeks into the future (WCup time). I made a new style in Flat Track and Islands in the Sky, and made World Record in both levels, way better than old record. (I guess this is almost every kuskis dream, to find new style in an Internal and make new WR.) I think this happened the same day. Beside the two WR's I also made a very good time in the WCup level, which I for some reason knew would win by many seconds. But then around 12:30 sunday I realised I haven't sent the WCup result and I'm like "fack :(". And that's the end of the dream. Would be so nice if it came true, except the last part ofcourse, hehe. =)

Monday, March 07, 2005

World Cup 5

So there is gonna be World Cup 5 afterall, and pretty soon too.

So, I'm I gonna play? Well, just after World Cup 4 I was like "omg I'm not gonna play world cup again for atleast 1½ year." And well it has been 1½ year, it has actually been 2 years since the last stopped. But lately I've had an elma break, but has been playing some last month in order to be ready for the elma meeting a week ago. And now I've been thinking should I take break again or what? But now there is world cup in 1½ month.

During World Cup 4 I was still pretty n00b, so I would really like to see how good I can do in a world cup now. And I think I'm not that sick of playing elma anymore. And it starts only 2 weeks before my summer break starts, so I have time to play it. So why not? You never know when there is going to be a new one, if any at all.

So I think that I've decided to play it with all forces.

Now how should I prepare for it? I could maybe play a little MasterCup to train my cup skills, that would be perfect. Now I just hope that most of my team mates are gonna play too. Atleast have Jonkka said he wants to play some. Let's see. I hope we are gonna have some fun in LaMe with the WCup levels.

Btw. I've started on making a level for the WCup. The two levels I sent for WCup 4 sucked really badly. I've become much better designer since, but do I have a change for getting a level into the WCup? I don't really know, but I might.

So elma.. I AM BACK!